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I love art and the creative process, and always found myself drawing or painting as a child. This naturally led me to want to pursue a career in the arts in some fashion. So, I obtained an Associates Degree from Bucks County Community College in Fine Art and a B.S. in Graphic Design and Illustration from The College of New Jersey. I started teaching over twelve years ago and was working as the Arts and Crafts teacher for the Bucks County Country Club in Jamison. I was in charge of providing the kids with a fun craft to do everyday while they were at the pool and I kept having parents tell me that if I ever decided to teach fine art to let them know. This happened over the course of a couple of summers.


So I finally decided that I would give teaching fine art a try since it was my passion. I started with two small classes of 5 children, one on Friday night and one on Saturday morning. The success of the classes was immediate and within a short time I was adding more and more classes to my schedule. At the same time I had contacted the Central Bucks Continuing Education Program and began offering my Drawing-for-the-Non-Drawer class for adults in both the Spring and Fall Sessions. From the beginning, I had a clear idea of how my teaching philosophy was going to guide my studio and provide a positive environment for the artist to grow.

Meet Amanda

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