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About the Studio

Focusing On Fine Art

My studio focuses exclusively on teaching fine art skills to both children and adults. The class curriculums are designed so that the students produce finished works of art (not crafts) as they progress. Since the ability to draw is crucial to many of the fine arts, teaching how to draw, which is offered in my Pencil & Pastel class, is offered daily.


More Than Just Art

The art instruction at my studio is more than just about the creation

of art, but is based on the following criteria that are essential

to the developing artist:

  • Personal enrichment

  • Confidence building

  • Artistic growth

  • Nurturing environment

  • Positive feedback

  • Individual guidance

Nowhere else can you find my unique approach that incorporates these guiding principles in art instruction and the young artist’s journey.


Individual Instruction - Continuous Growth

At my studio each student receives individual guidance on projects that are age and skill appropriate. This allows for a variety of ages and skill levels to attend the same class. I assess each students skills and abilities when they first come to the studio and adjust the projects accordingly. Since the process of learning to draw can occur across many sessions, my approach allows for the student's continuous growth. We don't start the same projects over just because we are in a new session, we continue our progress.


Flexible Scheduling for You

Because I work with each student individually, you are able to choose which class best meets your scheduling needs. Quite often I have a variety of skills and ages in all my classes. In addition to flexible scheduling, a student can start at anytime during a session. On that first day the journey begins.

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