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Supply list for Pencil/Pastel class

One sketch book NO smaller than 8x10

Graphite sketching pencils. HB, 2B, 4B, 6B

Erasers  one pink and one Kneaded.

Blending stumps

Charcoal soft willow or vine

3 sheets of charcoal paper 19" x 24"

1 or 2 sheets of Sanded paper 19"x 24" from Phoenix Art store

Chalk Pastels -The pastels should run around $25.00 for a set of 48 full sticks. Some pastels are very inexpensive. Like $8.00 for 38 colors but these do not have very much pigment in them and the colors are dole. They will feel light when you pick them up. You are basically buying air and filler. A better quality pastel will have some weight to them.  The box will be heavy in comparison to the cheaper ones. You do not need an expensive pastel and should not spend more than $1.00 per color. Also a student grade pastel is "non toxic"  I always look for that as well.


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