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In These Difficult Times

For a good many of my students, art is the way they destress. It is the one thing that helps them deal with the difficult times in their lives and it's the one thing that makes them happy. For children, it is important to have something that is normal. It helps to ease their minds because children stress out too.  For these reasons, my studio will be open.

At my studio, there's plenty of room that we can practice social distancing. I'm encouraging all my students to spread out.  I will also ask that when my students arrive at the studio, they wash their hands. I will be wiping down the tables and sinks throughout the day.  Also, I'm asking that if you are sick or not feeling well, or if someone in your family is not feeling well, please stay home. For those of you who choose to stay home, I encourage you to be creative.  If you are working on something at home and you feel you need a little advice, please feel free to email me a picture of what you're working on and I will be happy to help you with your art. (

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