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Setting aside time to be creative

Early morning. The sun is just rising. I make myself a cup of tea and head out. I sit on my deck and breathe in the fresh air. It is March and the air is still quite chilly, but that does not bother me because I am rapped in a blanket. My hands are warmed by my steaming cup. My mind is calm. This is the time of day I love the most. It is the beginning of something new. It is a time when there are no demands on my time or my thoughts. It is the time I give myself to think and ease into my day. This is where I plan my day and organize my thoughts. It helps me to feel more centered if I spend just a few minutes outside in the morning. This is where I do my morning writing. This is where I plan my art, and where I get inspired to be creative. It happens for me in the morning. I cannot stress how important it is for you to take time out of the day for yourself. Too often we rush through our day, trying to get everything done. Trying to meet all the demands that are placed on us by others and by ourselves. If you can take a few moments each day to breathe, you will find that life is just a bit calmer. I fine that I look forward to getting up before the sun. I look forward to sitting outside with my tea, and the peace that it brings me. Claim some time for yourself each day. Remember, you are worth it.

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Beautifully written. Just reading that brought a wonderful calm to me at the end of a busy day. Very inspirational. Thank you!

Me gusta
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