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Why Should We Create?

From the beginning of civilization there has been art. Going back 35.4 thousand years to the cave paintings in Indonesia, to the temples of the Incas’ in Peru, to the pyramid of ancient Egypt, all through history humans have made art. When I speak of art, I speak of it in terms of being creative and this includes all things that are creative such as music, crafts, fine art, even things like gardening. Why has art stuck with us? It is because we have an innate desire to create and to leave our mark on the world.

When we create, we feed our souls, enrich our lives, ease our minds and clear our thoughts. In this way art heals. The act of creating is so beneficial to us all.

Years ago, I use to teach a class called Drawing for the Non-drawer, through the Central Bucks Continuing Ed program. I stopped teaching this class when the School district made cuts and got rid of the Continuing Ed programs. This class was for adults that wanted to learn how to draw but they felt that they had no talent. It was a class for beginners that did not feel comfortable going into a traditional art class.

I remember the joy I experienced teaching this class. How wonderful it was to change so many people’s lives for the better. To give someone the gift of creativity. To give inspiration, love and guidance to a group of beginners was so wonderful for me. I felt that I was making a difference in my community. So, I have decided to offer this class on my own. Years ago, through the Continuing Ed program the class was $60.00 for 6 classes. I would like to start that again. So, if you or anyone you know could use a little creativity in your life, please contact me. I have 12 seats available for 12 Non-drawers. Many of my adult students started with me as Non-drawers and they now live creative lives. The first 6-week session will begin Wednesday April 3rd 12:00 to 2:00 at my studio.

(33 Union Street Doylestown Pa 18901)


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